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Lightspeed Locating

Your "In House" Underground & Subsurface Utility Locators!

Locating all your underground utilities since 2000!

Providing complete utility locating services in the Greater Houston Area, throughout Texas and Louisiana.


Don’t risk unnecessary injuries, costly delays or a chaotic schedule, let Lightspeed Locating’s skilled technicians take care of locating both the public and private utilities hidden underground.

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Lightspeed Locating

Your "In House" Underground Utility Locators!

Lightspeed Locating provides private underground and subsurface utility locating services for private property owners in the Greater Houston Area, and contractor clients throughout Texas and Louisiana. 

Our highly trained technicians conduct each locate with the highest level of professionalism and take pride in providing the best customer service experience for all our clients!

That why Lightspeed Locating is considered a trusted "Go-To" and “In House” underground utility locating company year after year.



Underground & Subsurface Locating Solutions

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Trenching / Back Fill


Potholing / Daylighting

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Hydro Excavating

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Subsurface Utility Engineering

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GPS Tied Deliverables


Concrete & Structural Scanning


Ground Penetrating Radar




Some Obstructions We Locate:

Public & Private

  • Evaluate Shallow Subsurface Conditions and Obstructions

  • Primary & Secondary Electrical Conduit up to 12 feet below the surface.

  • High Pressure Lines of any type. 

  • Voids in Concrete & Masonry Structures up to 14 in. Thick.  

  • Non-Conductive Utilities, such as plastic, cement, rubber, or utilities that have been repaired with these materials   

  • Services for Public Water and Private Water Wells 

  • Sewer Line Locations

  • Location of Public & Private Natural Gas Lines  

  • Critical Communication Lines

  • Cable/TV and Fiber Optic Cables 

  • Encasements, Storage Tanks and Ghost Tanks  

  • Water & Sewer Lines 

  • Electric & Gas Lines 

  • Communication & Fiber Optic Lines 

  • Underground Tanks 

  • Underground Casements & Void Space 

  • Conductive & Non-Conductive Utility Lines 

  • Misc. Obstructions & Gravesite Locating 

  • Void Space ID

  • Duct Bank

  • Residential Services

  • Locate for Environmental Testing

  • Anomaly detection


Schedule your locate today!

Call Lightspeed Locating to schedule your underground utility locate at least two days before you dig!

Or, today, if an unexpected utility has been discovered. 

Let us save you time and money by identifying ALL underground utilities!  

Lightspeed Locating's technicians will help you navigate around obstructions, avoiding costly damages, major outages and serious injuries.

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