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Concrete & Structural Subsurface Scanning

We use ground penetrating radar equipment to provide fast, reliable concrete scanning services, providing all of the information you need to mitigate risk and avoid mistakes, on-site within moments of the scan.

Concrete Scanning: About
Construction Workers at Sunset

Subsurface Scanning Solutions

  • Evaluate Shallow Subsurface Conditions and Obstructions

  • Primary & Secondary Electrical Conduit up to 12 feet below the surface

  • High Pressure Lines of any type

  • Voids in Concrete & Masonry Structures up to 14 in. Thick 

  • Non-Conductive Utilities, such as plastic, cement, rubber, or utilities that have been repaired with these materials.  

  • Services for Public Water and Private Water Wells 

  • Sewer Line Locations

  • Location of Public & Private Natural Gas Lines  

  • Bore Hole Clearance

  • Critical Communication Lines

  • Cable/TV and Fiber Optic Cables 

  • Encasements, Storage Tanks and Ghost Tanks 

Concrete Scanning: About

Our certified concrete scanning technicians can help construction crews or private home owners navigate through, within or beneath a concrete foundation, slab-on-grade, floor, wall or ceiling, without damaging any commodities or structural elements.

Concrete Scanning: About
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