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Precision. Punctuality. Commitment to excellence.

Don’t risk unnecessary injuries, costly delays or a chaotic schedule....

 Let Lightspeed Locating’s skilled technicians take care of locating both the public and private utilities hidden underground, within walls and or below slab-on-grade concrete.

Our team proudly provides hundreds of public and private, non-destructive, underground utility locates for commercial and private clients throughout the Greater Houston area, across the great state of Texas and Louisiana each year.

We make it a priority to provide timely, accurate, and clear public and private utility location results, avoiding unnecessary injuries and unforeseen expenses, saving our clients time and money.

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What We Do

Our Locating Solutions


Electromagnetic Transmitter


Ground Penetrating Radar

The electromagnetic transmitter and receiver is an ideal machine capable of locating conductive materials under just about any surface, including concrete.


Concrete & Structural Scanning


GPS Tied Deliverables

Fast, reliable concrete scanning services, with all of the information you need to mitigate risk and avoid mistakes.

The GPR System is a non-destructive, subsurface scanning device, capable of detecting both conductive and non-conductive underground and subsurface utilities.


Subsurface Utility Engineering

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Hydro Excavating

A diverse practice of utility engineering utilizing various and new technologies.

LightSpeed Locating's laboratory uses state-of-the-art enhanced computer programs to create detailed full color 3D graphic reports.

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Potholing / Daylighting

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Trenching & Backfill Services

Involves the drilling of exploratory holes exposing the location of the underground utilities.

The use of pressurized water to expose important utilities like fuel lines, high pressure sewer lines, private utilities and other objects that are hidden underground.

Exposing the entire length, or portion, of the under ground utility, followed by optional back fill to cover what was exposed.

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