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Ground Penetrating Radar

Truly Top-Notch

The Ground Penetrating Radar System is the preferred method for true, non-destructive, non-invasive, subsurface locating. The GPR does not expose the user or others to radiation thus can be done during normal work hours without disruption.

The GPR is used to identify a multitude of different metallic and non-metallic objects and utilities such as plastic, cement and rubber, non-conductive utilities like fiber optic cables, or utilities that have been repaired with any of these materials. 

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Evaluating encasements, pavements, driveway and runways to determine the thickness, or variation in thickness, of any slab-on-grade and to detect sinkholes.

Construction Workers

Report Processing

Further processing of data collected with the GPR System can be tested in our laboratory to enhance and edit all of the data producing full color 3-d imaging of the scanned area.  This is particularly helpful when identifying multiple utilities crossing each other, anomalies that are buried underground, and nonconductive utilities, such as water and sewer lines.

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